Life Lessons

rafting-988012_1280I went whitewater rafting yesterday. It was a my maiden voyage…and I survived. Our guide was amazing and seemed to have as much fun as we did. There is one particular event that really stands out.

We were about 2/3 of the way finished when our guide asked, “Do you want to go the chicken route or the hero route?” Of course, we five guys all shouted “HERO!”. The guide mentioned he would do his best but the hero route was not working as well as it had in the past. When we inquired more, he told us that we would see what he was talking about.

Our guide has us turn the raft sideways to go over a rock. WHAM! Four of us went into the river and lost our paddles. When I surfaced, our guide was sitting fine in the raft; smiling. We managed our way back into the raft: laughing and joking. We continued down the river when one of us asked how the guide managed to stay in the raft while the rest of us went over the side.

The guide simply grabbed the rope on the side of the raft. He explained that he would direct the passengers that chose the “Hero” route to paddle in such a way to cause the raft to go over a rock sideways. He would then grab the rope and purposely tip the raft over: he would lean the opposite direction to keep his balance.

This caused me to think. The guide knew what he was doing because he had done this before. He knew exactly how to succeed while others failed. This is why having guides in our lives are so important. Their experience can allow us to avoid failures and learn from the guide’s mistakes.

What kind of guides do you have in your life? Do you have experience in your arsenal to attack failure? Or do you have unproven resources?