Real Change by Andrew Nicholls and Helen Thorne; Edited by David Powlison

real-change-thumbnail__61359.1544123494Changing one’s behaviors and attitudes is not easy. Add to this commands in the Bible to not be angry, think of godly things, love your neighbor, etc. could make a person feel bogged down and dejected.

Realizing that change takes effort Real Change was printed to help foster conversations to grow individuals and change them for God. While this book reads more like a discussion guide it is nonetheless a great resource in small groups to discuss how to change Biblically.

It is not long but the content is rich and should provide plenty of discussion material throughout its usage.

*I received a review copy and my opinions are my own.


The Brave Art of Motherhood by Rachel Marie Martin

motherhoodPerhaps the greatest role the world has ever seen is a mother. While it is often overlooked, or not appreciated as much as it should be, motherhood requires tenacity and strength to raise the next generation.

Rachel Marie Martin knows this well and her book The Brave Art of Motherhood encourages mothers to stand strong when the days are hard and to enjoy the moments when the days are miraculous.

I have a unique perspective on this as I am a father but my current situation as student also means that I am a stay-at-home father. This role has made me appreciate all the tasks, but also those special moments, that a mother experiences in the raising of children. I found this book to really open my eyes on how a mother struggles to keep her mind but also share it to her children. Mothers really are a special group of people and I wish more would see them for the wondrous benefit they are.

*I received a review copy of this book and was not under any obligation to post a positive review.

The Prayer That Turns the World Upside Down by Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr.

225_350_book-2481-coverThe Lord’s Prayer is perhaps the most famous prayer in all of Christian history. It is often heard at funerals, weddings, convocations, and many more. Some use it as a guide, some as a daily prayer, and others as a prayer when they don’t know what to pray.

Dr. Albert Mohler Jr. has written an excellent book on how the Lord’s Prayer changed the way people look at God. Prior to this prayer, most people saw God as powerful, awesome, but also non-relational. He is a magnificent being but it was believed that He did not want an intimate relationship with His people.

Christ changed all that when the Lord’s Prayer was uttered. From the very beginning, Our Father, shows that God desires to fellowship with man as a father-son type relationship. Dr. Mohler shows just how powerful of an opening these two word are.

From here, Dr. Mohler expounds on the rest of the prayer and I would like to focus on “lead us not into temptation” at this point. Notice, that it does not say, “give us strength during temptation”. Instead, Dr. Mohler points out that the one praying is asking for wisdom from God to make choices that would not lead into temptation. The one praying is not saying, “God, I am going to do____________. Be with me so that it turns out great.”

On the contrary, the entire focus is on God and the accomplishment of His desire and will. The words “lead us not…” indicate a complete abandonment to our desires as God is the one leading and directing. I missed this so many times reading this prayer that I found Dr. Mohler’s insight a powerful realization of who is calling the shots.

Dr. Mohler has done an excellent work with this book and I highly recommend it.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

Being a Christian by Dr. Jason K. Allen

Being a Christian coverBeing a Christian.

Many people have an idea of what a Christian should be. There is a standard of what a Christian should do and not do. However, does this line up with what the Bible teaches? Also, should a Christian’s faith affect all areas of life?

In his book, Being a Christian: How Jesus Redeems All of Life, Dr. Jason K. Allen points out that Jesus came to redeem all areas of life for His glory. Areas such as family, work, church, time, money, and others. Rather than believe that Jesus came to solely give eternal life, Dr. Allen shows that Jesus came to give abundant life in all its facets.

The area that I really enjoyed was the area of the mind. Dr. Allen points out that there has been a shift towards the emotional aspects of Christianity but that the mind should not be ignored. Rather the mind should draw one closer to Christ in the heart which is an emotional response.

I really appreciated this as I often struggle to show emotion but am an avid reader and learner. I recognized the need to take it one step further and let me mind become redeemed and connect with my heart in my relationship with Jesus.

While the material in this book is not new, per se, the style of Dr. Allen has a connectivity that others may not have. Thus, this book should be a great resource for all those who use it and perhaps use it often.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

The Lost Sermons of Charles Spurgeon, Volume 2, ed. Christian T. George

SpurgeonCharles Spurgeon has been called The Prince of preachers. His sermons and additional works have changed the lives of many people; possibly millions. Some of his earliest sermons were thought to be lost but recent discoveries have located them.

In the book The Lost sermons of Charles Spurgeon, Volume 2,  give some of his earliest sermons and outlines between the years 1851 and 1854. It is interesting to read these particular sermons because you actually see the development of Charles Spurgeon as he becomes a better preacher and Bible teacher.

One of the tools used in this book is a word count chart. This chart gives the word count of sermons throughout the early years. As one sees the graphics it is shows that Spurgeon started off with smaller sermons which gradually grew in content as he aged. His earlier sermons would average around 300 words while some of his sermons in this volume reached beyond 1,000 words.

This book also gives facsimiles of his outlines for his sermons and they puts them into a format that a person can read. Even his outlines showed growth and maturity as Spurgeon spoke more and studied more of God’s word.

For those who want a history of Spurgeon and receive some wonderful sermons to challenge and growth their faith I would highly recommend this book and its predecessor Volume 1. It will be well worth the purchase.

I receive a complimentary copy from the publisher of this book and exchange very honest review.

The Potential Principle by Mark Sanborn

233_380_book-2354-coverIs there something that beats the best? There is…that which is better.

In his newest book, The Potential Principle, Mark Sanborn gives potent advice on how to get better at who you are, what you do, and the legacy you want to leave. By giving examples of successful people, Sanborn shows his readers that everyone can get better if they only take the time to do so.

He then shows how to get better at something. Whether it is reviewing what one has done to learn or surrounding one’s self with people better than they are, Sanborn lays out a proven path that those who practice it will see themselves getting better and better.

Having been an avid fan of Mark Sanborn for some time I really appreciated the practicality of this book and the ease of understanding the material. While this book will find itself in the business section it is more than that and I encourage everyone to take a look at this book. I believe it will be well worth it.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


Trade Up by Dean Niewolny

9780801019586Most people when it comes to a career are thinking about how to better themselves. They take into account compensation, prestige, and in some cases how they can use their influence for personal gain. Few look at a career as something to use to make a difference. In his book, Trade Up, Dean Niewolny talks about how important it is to move from an idea of being a career minded person to a difference-maker.

He demonstrates that is a life of giving that makes one satisfied. Often times we think in terms of what we want. Niewolny is trying to get his readers to understand there is more to life than just getting. By helping others become successful the individual should find a life that has meaning, purpose, and leave a lasting legacy.

I appreciate this aspect and take from the book and highly recommend that those starting in a career or those who may been in career for a long time really take a good look at the material presented. If more people lived with the idea of how to help others rather than just making money and moving up the corporate ladder what a better place this world could be.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and exchange for my honest review.