Fearless Parenting by George Barna & Jimmy Myers

9780801000645Raising children is not an easy task. There are many challenges, setbacks, and times of frustration. I should know because I have three children of my own, all of them toddlers or younger. It is because of my present situation that I was interested in a book by George Barna and Jimmy Myers titled Fearless Parenting.

This particular book deals with how to raise faithful kids in a culture that is against Christianity. Rather than taking an approach that somehow it will all just work out because we are Christians, Barna and Myers argue that parents need to be intentional about raising their children. By using culture to show how God got it right and the world got it wrong, this book will help parents  guide their children in a way that is Biblical and God pleasing.

Some of the information presented really is more a challenge to what the parents want their children to have. By this I mean certain character qualities, goals, passions, and ideally a heart for God. The books also gives instruction on how parents can help their children see the traps that the world will set for them.

Materialism, pornography, power, and notoriety are a few of the traps that the world will use to bring a person down. By training children correctly to see what is eternal and what is temporal, a parent will give their child an advantage to, ideally, living for that which will last and not that which will disappear ever so fast.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and exchange for my honest review.


Adorned by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth


Mentors are people who are sought because of their wisdom, expertise, and availability. A mentor is someone who can guide and be a resource to those who are looking to avoid mistakes, grow, and potentially be a mentor in the future.

In the book of Titus, Paul mentions that older women are to be examples to younger women and work with them to grow in Christ; i.e. act like a mentor. Paul then gives some guidelines on how older women and younger women should work together.

In her book, Adorned, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth takes Titus 2 and writes to both older and younger women challenging them to be more like Christ. Wolgemuth highlights key parts of Titus 2 and expands on them on how it may look to live out what the author of Titus is communicating.

At the end of each chapter are a few questions to reinforce what was learned and to spur an older or younger woman to rid herself of what can weigh down her spiritual growth and adopt the mind of Christ to live out her femininity in each season of her life.

A book like this is needed more and more. It seems that fewer people have that grandma in their life who is that voice of reason and wisdom. The older generation is seen as archaic and are often ignored when it comes to navigating life and its rough seas. The Bible speaks differently to this view and Adorned is an excellent book to show that old does not mean worthless.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

If I Had a Parenting Do Over by Jonathan McKee

parentingdooverMany parents have looked over their parenting experience and made a statement such as: I wish I could do that over again. Parents make mistakes as they raise their children. Imperfect people cannot parent perfectly. However, that should not stop parents from doing the best they can.

What if there was a individual who was willing to give you some information and some insight into the changes he would have made? Would you listen to him? I know I would.

In his book, If I Had a Parenting Do Over, Jonathan McKee give seven vital changes that he would make if he were able to do his parenting experience differently. Some of the information he provides deals with letting things go, paying more attention, asking more questions and making less statements, and walking alongside his children.

I found this book to be helpful in its humor. By being open, McKee lets his readers know that he has not perfected his own advice. Yet, he knows that parenting can be a wonderful experience and does not let his failures deter him from being the best dad he can.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher exchange for my honest review.

Parenting with Grace and Truth by Dan Seaborn

parentingChristians are called to emulate Christ character.”

That is how the book by Dan Seaborn titled parenting with Grace and Truth begins. It is the heart  of the information provided in this book. Seaborn goes through eight different truths about parenting when it comes to leading and loving like Jesus.

I really appreciate the candor in which Seaborn presents his information. He recognizes that imperfect people cannot create perfect children. Rather he gives guidelines by which parents can raise children to be Christ-like themselves.

One of the chapters that I found very beneficial is about discovering your children’s unique talents and abilities. This chapter discusses how to recognize talents and abilities in children. It also alerts parents that they do not lock their children into a certain function simply because they are talented in that area.

Another chapter deals with blended families. I really received insight from this chapter. I do not see a lot of parenting material on blended families and that is a shame. Seaborn has done well to bring up certain circumstances in which blended families may run into and how to deal with them.

Throughout the book, Seaborn makes it clear that it is time for parents to lead like Jesus led and includes parenting responsibilities. He brings out that parenting can be enjoyable and rewarding.  Therefore, I recommend that parents pick up a copy of this book and read it together discussing what is being taught and how to implement the information into their parenting.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.

Grace-Based Discipline by Karis Kimmel Murray

front-coverRaising children can be a very difficult task. Children are unique and they should disciplined in a way that is effective but also tailored to them. This is not easy. Parents also have their own personality and sometimes this may cause conflict.

How then does a parent discipline a child? There is not a one method for all. Parents must adjust their disciplines based on personality and age. In her book, Grace-Based Discipline (Kindle and paperback), Karis Kimmel Murray has written one this matter. Part personal story and motivational Murray takes parents on a educational journey on how to discipline by starting with the goal of discipline.

What is meant by this?

Parents need to understand that the way they discipline their child will tell the child whether or not they are loved. Parents could go overboard usually in one of two ways: either they discipline too much and the child feels he/she can do no right, or they discipline too little and the child does as he/she pleases.

Neither one of these is correct. However, discipline it needs to be present. Murray gives some helpful information on how to discipline children with grace. When done correctly, children can grow and know they are loved.

I found this to be encouraging and enjoyed the personal level that was given to this book. I myself am a father of two boys and have baby number three on the way. It is good to know that every parent at some point will struggle with the area of discipline. Knowing that I’m not alone, I received  encouragement from this book in my parenting struggles.

I will suggest that every parent get a copy of this book and pay special attention to the information in the appendix. The appendix addresses Parenting in Digital Age and gives guidance to parents to teach their children about what it discussed on the internet. Teaching respect and politeness should also extend to the digital mediums. Sadly, there are some who do not use social media in this manner.

Also in the appendix is some information on spanking. I will not go into that in this review but suffice it to say it is some good information on spanking. Hopefully this will open up a conversation between a mother and a father on whether they choose to use physical discipline in the form of speaking or not.

*I received a complimentary copy of from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

ESV Men’s Devotional Bible

ESVMens.jpgReading Scripture on a daily basis is one of the most powerful ways to align your will with God’s. By feeding your spirit with the Word of God your soul begins to grow and mature. It is in this maturation that God begins to develop you more and more into the image of his son Jesus Christ.

However, reading your Bible on a consistent timeframe is not always easy. In addition some of the content of Scripture is difficult in relatability to the 21st century man. Enter the ESV Men’s Devotional Bible.

This Bible has 365 articles designed to challenge men in the area of: family, work, marriage, community, and spiritual development. These articles and closing related to the passages of Scripture that precede as one reads through the Bible. In addition, these articles are rich in depth and Biblical foundation. This Bible is not full of self-help articles but rather content that is designed to cause the men reading it to grow and think.

One note to mention is to not get this Bible confused with a daily reading Bible. Those Bibles have passages predetermined for the reader. The ESV Men’s Devotional Bible is more devotional-thought provoking as one reads the Scripture and less about reading the Bible in year.

All this said, consider getting a copy for the man in your life as birthday, Father’s Day, or Christmas present. It will change his life; it has changed mine.

*I received a complimentary copy of this Bible from Crossway in exchange for my honest review.