Visioneering (Updated) by Andy Stanley

visioneeringDo you have a plan for your life? Many do not and that should give cause for concern. If a person has no idea where they are going in life they will most likely become a drifter. However, that can change with a personal vision.

Andy Stanley, is his book Visioneering, has developed a guide for the discovery of, and the maintaining of, your personal vision. Stanley goes through the key areas of developing a vision and maintaining one and then has some action items. The action items are to allow the reader to formulate a personal vision or to maintain one that has already been developed so that it remains strong but adaptable as needed.

I really enjoyed this book and the use of Nehemiah as an example of someone who used his personal vision to change a nation. The study guide in the back of the book is also a nice resource for those that want to do a group challenge in the area of personal vision.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.



A Minute of Vision for Men by Roger Patterson

978-1-4964-1777-0“Those who fail to plan plan to fail.”

One of the ways in which a man can be very susceptible to failing is by not having a vision. Sometimes this happens due to changes that need to be addressed and sometimes it happens because a man is not intentional about having a vision.

In his book, A Minute of Vision for Men, Roger Patterson gives one minute motivational readings for each day of the month to help men find motivation. Making sure that they are staying within a vision for their lives is vital and each reading helps keep a man on focused.

For example, it is presently the month of December as I write this and the focus on the motivational readings is the Christmas narrative. Patterson’s goal is to get a man to think properly about Christmas and not be caught up in the commercialism and the angst of trying to get to places and parties and events, etc. Rather, he wants me to focus on the fact that God became man and enjoy and remember who the holiday season is about rather than what some have made it.

I found the motivational readings for each day to be challenging but not so heavy as to be forgotten due to a level of reflection that is required. However, I also feel this could be a danger as it may allow some men to read it and think they’re okay and not take time to reflect deeper.

With that said, this would work really well with a Bible reading for a more in-depth devotional as a supplement to that and would, in my opinion, greatly help a man make sure his vision is proper and that being to focus on God and not on other circumstances.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

Leadership Promises for Every Day: A Daily Devotional By John C. Maxwell

225_350_book-2077-cover“Leadership must first start from within.” That is a line from the October 25, 2016 devotional thought of Leadership Promises for Every Day by John C. Maxwell. It speaks to the intent of this devotional: that being to strengthen leaders from within.

Each day is a challenge from various works by Maxwell for leaders to grow and thus become better leaders. Some challenges are reminders, some are spurring. In either case, the goal is that leaders continually seek to become better leaders and build-up other leaders around them.

This book is just a rebinding of this devotional that was first printed in 2003. I like the rebinding in this soft leather-like edition more so than the hardback of previous prints. It seems more durable to me. It also holds better than the hardback which makes for easier reading.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


Humility by Pat Williams

Humility.pngIs there a secret ingredient to success? Many books have been published on the subject of success to the point where they actually have their own particular genre. You would think with all the wealth of knowledge that we have that there would be a universal understanding of what the secret ingredient of success is.

Pat Williams, in his book Humility, writes that the secret ingredient of all the successful people that he has ever encountered is they were humble and they worked on remaining humble. That did not mean that they lacked confidence. Rather, it meant that they understood their abilities but recognized that they were nothing special and deserving of praise and adoration.

Story after story, example after example, and quote after quote, Pat Williams has done a wonderful job of collecting all sorts of anecdotal advice and evidence that points to success being built upon an attitude of humility.

I found this book to be an amazing read and something that everybody should read more than once. We live in a culture that idolizes those who have a “look at me” attitude. Pat Williams’ book flies in the face of that and has written a book that goes to the heart of what true success is; not cultural success.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

The Power of Your Attitude by Stan Toler

Attitude.jpgIn the TV show, The A-Team, B.A. Baracus was asked what B.A. stood for. His reply, “bad attitude” and that response is what defined the character for the series.

Our attitude affects who we are. If you are having a great day life seems wonderful and not much can get us down. Have the opposite experience and life seems to be punishing you with relentless aggression. Our attitude during these experience is how we will most likely respond.

But what if your attitude was something that could be controlled? What if you have more control over how to respond than you might think? In his book, The Power of Your Attitude, Stan Toler teaches seven choices that can aid in developing an attitude that can lead to a happy and successful life.

Some of these choices are: joy, gratitude, compassion, and humility. By choosing these responses the mind begins to set patterns to not let negativity take root and grow weeds of bitterness and resentment. It does not mean that negativity never happens. Rather, it sets the stage for negativity to be acknowledged and then dismissed in favor of choosing a positive outlook.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

ESV Men’s Devotional Bible

ESVMens.jpgReading Scripture on a daily basis is one of the most powerful ways to align your will with God’s. By feeding your spirit with the Word of God your soul begins to grow and mature. It is in this maturation that God begins to develop you more and more into the image of his son Jesus Christ.

However, reading your Bible on a consistent timeframe is not always easy. In addition some of the content of Scripture is difficult in relatability to the 21st century man. Enter the ESV Men’s Devotional Bible.

This Bible has 365 articles designed to challenge men in the area of: family, work, marriage, community, and spiritual development. These articles and closing related to the passages of Scripture that precede as one reads through the Bible. In addition, these articles are rich in depth and Biblical foundation. This Bible is not full of self-help articles but rather content that is designed to cause the men reading it to grow and think.

One note to mention is to not get this Bible confused with a daily reading Bible. Those Bibles have passages predetermined for the reader. The ESV Men’s Devotional Bible is more devotional-thought provoking as one reads the Scripture and less about reading the Bible in year.

All this said, consider getting a copy for the man in your life as birthday, Father’s Day, or Christmas present. It will change his life; it has changed mine.

*I received a complimentary copy of this Bible from Crossway in exchange for my honest review.

The Most Excellent Way to Lead by Perry Noble

Noble.pngI read a lot about leadership. Why? I recognize the value great leaders can add to those they lead.

In his book, The Most Excellent Way to Lead, Perry Noble uses I Corinthians 13 to demonstrate that love is the foundation for great leadership.

By using the key elements of what St. Paul defined love as, Noble shows that leaders can become excellent leaders if they take to heart what love is and apply it to their leadership acumen.

I found this to be a great read and will be using parts of it in an upcoming talk at my church on Father’s Day, 2016 to show how father’s can be excellent leaders to their children.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tydnale in exchange for my honest review.