The 25 Biblical Laws of Success by William Douglas and Rubens Teixeira

9780801019562Many see the Bible as a religious book; it is that. However, the Bible also has relevance in many areas outside of religious teachings. There are passages on: parenting, marriage, friendships, and government to name a few. The Bible also speaks to business.

While not normally thought of as a business book, William Douglas and Rubens Teixeira have sought to change that in their book The 25 Biblical Laws of Success. Using the Bible, Douglas and Teixeira list 25 laws that the Bible teaches that should aid many to success.

I shall list all 25 laws but will point out one law that stood out to me: the Law of Wisdom. This law states that “Wisdom is the foundation on which success is achieved.” (p. 23) One of the ways wisdom lends itself to success is by using advisers.

These advisers are brought in to assist with company growth and atmosphere. They can be managers, business evaluators, or a board of directors to give a few examples. When advisers are utilized that can give insight into what is working, what is not but needs to be fixed, and what is working and needs to be dismissed.

Sadly, many do not invest in wise counsel and suffer for it. They believe things will fix themselves or simply do not see problems to be addressed. This can come from one of the Cardinal Sins Against Success, as the authors title them. That sin is pride. Believing that “I can do it on my own. I do not need help.” has caused many to fail when it need not be the case.

I found this book to be an excellent resource acting as a primer to give to entering the workforce in whatever capacity they enter. Setting a good foundation will allow for opportunities for success and to weather the storms of difficult times. This book can used to lay this foundation.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


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