Detours by Dr. Tony Evans

bookLife rarely goes the way we desire. Often times we are taken aback by circumstances and events that can catch us off guard. It is in these moments that a person is faced with a decision: how do I respond?

In his book, Detours, Dr. Tony Evans writes about how the unpredictableness of life, when understood properly, can be a catalyst to growth. This is not easy. Often times  see detours as an inconvenience, a problem, or in some situations a failure. It does not have to be this way.

To first understand detours and how to use them properly we must first come to the knowledge that God has a destiny for us. Dr. Evans shows how the each of us are on a path but that path does not mean that it is a straight line. Detours are mold us into the person God desires us to be.

Dr. Evans explains the use of detours in each of the 16 chapters of his book. From the pain of detours to the pleasure of detours to the path of detours, Dr. Evans gives insightful wisdom on how to apply detours.

Dr. Evans uses the example of Joseph in the Bible. Joseph was given a dream in which he would one day rule over his household. However, things did not go the way Joseph anticipated. He was sold into slavery, accused of sexual assault falsely, thrown into prison, and while in prision given hope of being released only to have been forgotten for some time. When would God fulfill His promise? Had He abandoned Joseph?

Joseph could have easily been defeated and bitter towards God. Yet, God used these detours to make Joseph into the man that would one day be the second-in-command over the entire nation of Egypt. Dr. Evans shows the detours that God placed in Joseph’s life and parallels them to the detours that God will place in our life to make us into the individual He has called us to be.

This book will not be an easy read for some people because some take detours as a sign of failure or have taken a detour and have not returned to their road of destiny. Yet, those who read this book will benefit from it beyond words. I submit that whoever is blessed by this book will return to read it over and over again as each new detour presents itself.

God is refining us daily and He sometimes uses detours to do it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


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