The Historical Reliability of the New Testament by Craig L Blomberg

blombergChallenges to the Christian faith have been given to Christianity in an attempt to discredit it.  This may potentially shake the foundation of someone’s belief and a key place to attack is the Bible. By drawing into question if the Bible is accurate, a person could potentially cause a Christian to second-guess whether or not the Bible they hold in their hands is true.

Craig Blomberg, a distinguished professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary, has written a wonderful resource on the New Testament titled The Historical Reliability of the New Testament. Professor Blomberg addresses the historicity, dating, context, and authenticity of the New Testament. He does so the reader can understand the nature by which the New Testament came about and also some of the challenges that are brought to attempt to destroy the Scriptures.

I really appreciated the attention to detail with special note on the Gospels. Professor Blomberg has given ample evidence for the authenticity of the New Testament thus giving Christians comfort knowing their Bible is truth.

The book does not go into a lot of scholarly works but does notate various scholarly resources to support the information being presented. Professor Blomberg also does well to use language that is easy to understand but does not detract from the depth of research he has done.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


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