The Jesus Bible, NIV Edition

225_350_book-2131-coverThe Scriptures point to Jesus Christ. He is the main character, the protagonist; the main theme. This can theme can sometimes be overlooked and it is the intent of this Bible to recall back to the reader the importance of Jesus Christ throughout Scripture.

This is accomplished by two means: feature articles and supplemental articles. The feature articles have been written by some prominent Bible teachers and speakers and are usually three pages in length. They are designed to highlight key passages of Scripture and focus on a particular aspect of Jesus and why He came to earth.

The supplemental articles are written in the margin and highlight key passages as the reader is advancing through the text. This is feature allows for the reading of the text and not be interrupted by a note that breaks apart the Scripture verses.

I found the articles informative and insightful. The feature articles was in depth and accomplished their task of showing who Jesus is. The supplemental articles are a great aid to focus the reader back to Christ.

I did take issue that the supplemental notes were large in type font than the verses of the Bible. I feel that this should be reversed as Scripture is more important than man’s comments on Scripture. That said, this Bible has done well to highlight Christ throughout Scripture.

*I received a complimentary copy of this Bible from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


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