Speaking of Homosexuality by Joe Dallas

SpeakingOf_Mech.inddHomosexuality has been brought to the front of public opinion as of late. With the legalization of marriage for homosexual couples upheld in the Supreme Court, many who disagree with the courts decision may face conversations with hostile potentials. That need not be the case.

In his book, Speaking of Homosexuality, Joe Dallas gives great advice on how to converse with someone who believes homosexuality is normal and should be respected as such. Dallas gives concise answers on how to object to “facts” that are being propagated in the news and other media sources but do so in a manner that allows for conversation to remain civil as much as possible.

I really enjoyed reading this book and it gave me fresh perspective on how to approach this subject while being courteous and kind. This subject most likely will not go away in the near future and being able to discuss this subject in a polite manner may allow for disagreements to occur without verbal attacks.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.



24 thoughts on “Speaking of Homosexuality by Joe Dallas

    1. I said what I said because we still don’t have all the answers and continue to learn new things each day. To assume we possess “all” the data is faulty. Thus some try to argue from a basis that we know all that we need to know on this matter when that may not be the case. Have you read the book I reviewed?

      1. I don’t think you reviewed it, really. You did not say anything interesting about it. Why would anyone want to? It appears to be aimed at people who object to homosexuality, yet may like you have the temerity to believe they can “lead others to Christ”! Take the beam from your own eye!

      2. I have no desire to read a stupid, boring book which contradicts Biblical scholarship and alleges that homosexuality is wrong, and seems to imagine that some snide attempt at charm makes hate-speech OK.

      3. Hate-speech? Hmmm. Were you to read the book I don’t think you would come away with any attitude of hate on the part of the author. Please remember that a different opinion is not hate-speech; its just a different opinion.

      4. Well, it depends. “HItler was right” is hate speech. All hate speech is “opinion”. “Homosexuality is wrong”- even with a gross leer and a hypocritical insistence on ones own Love, that’s still Hate. Repent, and turn to Christ!

      5. Are you sure you don’t want to read the book? The links you gave me deal with some of the issues and I see it a moot point to try and recall them all when the book would do it much better.

      6. Question: why do you find it difficult to accept me for who I am? If, as your website states, you want to live in a world where all are accepted for being who they are, why not accept me as someone who questions if homosexuality is normal?

      7. Because it is not who you are, but the distorted ideology which has been forced on you. You yourself believe that metanoia is possible, you just don’t realise that you need it yourself.

      8. What do you mean? Which conclusion? That views condemning homosexuality are destructive of God’s good creation, and to be condemned, and changed in people who hold them? That is at the very least unclear from your three posts harping on and on about homosexuality.

      9. I see. Well, it would appear that we shall do little to change each other’s viewpoints. Again I ask that you read the book. You may see it as hate-speech but I exhort you to keep an open mind. I have enjoyed reading some of the information on your blog. While I do not agree with your positions, it does open my eyes to understanding how you came to your conclusions. All I ask is that you do the same for me.

      10. You disgust me, and so does the author of that book.

        You see, I don’t care if you are polite, and it gains you nothing. I know your views are vile, and destructive of people I care about. Because of you there are homeless gay teens on the streets of every city. Yes, you personally, because you disseminate such vile lies. Your pathetic attempts at winsomeness- “All I ask”, indeed- are valueless, meaningless beside the harm you do.

      11. Again, we shall not change each other’s viewpoint, even with your personal attacks against me. Thus, I shall follow Proverbs 26:4 and bid you farewell.

      12. Good to see your thin veneer of courtesy breaks into insult. It was only hypocrisy, and you say in your heart there is no god. I shake the dust off my feet. I shall pray that you do not do too much harm.

      13. What if everyone was gay? What if all the homosexuality on tele at all hours was disturbing young peoples minds and corrupting them to believe they could be gay? Would your rather your children gay or straight?

      14. Homosexuality is kind of wrong as it cant be right. What if we was all gay? Its a malfunction somewhere which no one can control

      15. Is homosexuality right? Im not against gay people but still its not ‘nature’s path’ otherwise would we not all be extinct as a species?

  1. Why don’t you read the book first? Once you have done that it will help in understanding some of the positions that I hold that I cannot articulate in these brief exchanges. Agreed?

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