A Minute of Vision for Men by Roger Patterson

978-1-4964-1777-0“Those who fail to plan plan to fail.”

One of the ways in which a man can be very susceptible to failing is by not having a vision. Sometimes this happens due to changes that need to be addressed and sometimes it happens because a man is not intentional about having a vision.

In his book, A Minute of Vision for Men, Roger Patterson gives one minute motivational readings for each day of the month to help men find motivation. Making sure that they are staying within a vision for their lives is vital and each reading helps keep a man on focused.

For example, it is presently the month of December as I write this and the focus on the motivational readings is the Christmas narrative. Patterson’s goal is to get a man to think properly about Christmas and not be caught up in the commercialism and the angst of trying to get to places and parties and events, etc. Rather, he wants me to focus on the fact that God became man and enjoy and remember who the holiday season is about rather than what some have made it.

I found the motivational readings for each day to be challenging but not so heavy as to be forgotten due to a level of reflection that is required. However, I also feel this could be a danger as it may allow some men to read it and think they’re okay and not take time to reflect deeper.

With that said, this would work really well with a Bible reading for a more in-depth devotional as a supplement to that and would, in my opinion, greatly help a man make sure his vision is proper and that being to focus on God and not on other circumstances.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


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