The Gift of Jesus Devotional

225_350_book-2078-coverThe Gift of Jesus Devotional is a devotional written by various pastors in the United States. It was written with their desire that the reader grasp and appreciate the gift of Jesus Christ. For example, Week 42–Monday: Father God Watches over Us is a devotional about the futures and how God watches over us. God rules over all of creation and as such we don’t need to worry about things that happen in the future.

It is thoughts like this that are very powerful. Often times Christians forget the immense power and grace that God bestows on his children because of his son Jesus Christ. It is therefore necessary to be reminded of these truths on a daily basis. I really like how this particular devotional brings that out.

The devotional is put together in such a way that the reader does not have to start on January 1. The reader can start whenever and read it for an entire year. Each day has a verse or two that is read, followed by a thought, and then a prayer at the bottom of the page.

I also like the size of this devotional as most devotionals that I are smaller for easy of carrying. This devotional is larger than those and has larger print making an easier read.

*I received a complimentary consultation of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


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