The Bad Habits of Jesus by Leonard Sweet

978-1-4964-1751-0Did Jesus have bad habits? That is the question that is asked on the back of the book written by Leonard Sweet titled The Bad Habits of Jesus.There is a movement that tries to soften Jesus and make him out to be a more palatable person to a politically correct society.

Sweet argues that Jesus was by no means soft. He says that there are times that Jesus did things that seem to go against culture particularly the culture of Jesus’s day. One such thing that he brings out is that Jesus offended people especially those in high places like religious leaders. There is a cultural more where people do not try to offend anyone as offending someone seems to be rude and insensitive.

Jesus, on the other seems to attack and point out the flaws of individuals and seems to give no regard to feelings of those who feel that they have a justification for their beliefs. Jesus wants people to get to know truth; the truth that comes from a relationship with God. “Jesus treated outsiders like they were important people and important people like they were outsiders.”

I found this book to be an interesting book. There is a nice discussion guide in the back to get some thoughts out there about the material. I don’t know that this would be something I personally would use but then again I bet if I read it a second time or perhaps even a third time I might change my mind. If nothing else, it would be open dialogues about how people see Jesus and may correct errors or strengthen positions.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review


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