Misconceptions: A Look at God’s Word through First Century Hebraic Eyes by Steven Reider

225_350_book-1942-coverWhen a Bible is read it is very difficult to not read it with the understanding of the culture of the reader. However, the Bible was written in the Middle East, by Jewish men, talking to mostly Jewish people, and who lived in a different culture. That can cause a misunderstanding of interpreting Scripture.

Steven Reider has written a short book on some of these misconceptions and clarified how those listening to the words originally spoken would have understood them.

I have studied some Hebraic roots of Christianity and found this book to be a nice primer to those who need an introduction to a Judaic understanding. It is not exhaustive but it does whet the appetite, in my opinion, and may cause more study in this area. It may be hard for some to accept what the author is conveying but I trust those reading will be open to looking at Scripture without a non-Jewish lense.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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