Reader’s Bible: NKJV

41jvnjtatxl-_sx342_bo1204203200_Most Bible’s today are divided into chapters and verses. While this makes finding a particular passage easier it could also be a hazard. The original writing did not have verses and chapters. It was not until 1560 that the English Bible had these divisions.

The Reader’s Bible: NKJV, seeks to give the reader a feel for what it may have been like to read the Bible with no verse numbers or chapters. What is allows for is an interrupted flow of reading. It gives the feel of reading a story. This is an aspect that I found enjoyable and a nice positive for this Bible. Did I miss the verses and chapter breaks? Surprisingly, not like I thought I would. I found the absence of these markers quite refreshing and did not interrupt my reading as was the case with other Bibles.

However, this Bible is not a study Bible. No notes or cross-references. There are no book introductions or backgrounds. But I do not feel this takes away from this Bible. This Bible is designed to just read the Bible and it has succeeded well in reaching this goal.

*I received a complimentary copy of this Bible from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


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