ESV Large Print Compact by Crossway

esvcompactI have the privilege of reviewing the ESV Large Print Compact Bible from Crossway. This Bible was released earlier this year and is part of the compact series that Crossway has put out. I own a compact from Crossway already but was really intrigued with the design of this particular Bible.

The Bible that I am reviewing is the natural leather with flap and strap. A nice feature is the leather is very strong which makes this Bible ideal for carry particular in something like a backpack or briefcase. Another nice feature is that it is a large print edition. However, I want to note that large print does not necessarily mean large font. It means that for a compact the font is larger than a typical compact Bible. This font size comes in at eight points where a standard large print Bible might have a 12-point font.

Another thing to know is that because it is a compact you’re not going to get a whole lot of study help such as large footnote commentaries, dictionaries, etcetera. However that does not mean that this Bible is not ideal for personal devotions.

Being a compact allows for transportability for devotions for people that prefer a more mobile setting such as going outside or to a coffee shop or even to an ideal place. You don’t have to take a heavy Bible with you in order to do personal devotions. This Bible comes in at just short of two pounds so it is not so large that it feels cumbersome.

Another thing to point out is there is a little hook-strap in the back where you can keep a pen or pencil. With this hook-strap, a small cahier notebook can be placed inside the wrap with the writing instrument and the reader now has a way of taking notes.

Overall I like this Bible for its ease of transporting, durability, and large font type.

* I receive a complimentary copy of this Bible from the publisher in exchange for my honest review

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