Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson

book2What is your dream? What does this dream look like? Are you pursuing this dream or is it alive only in the recesses of your mind? Many people dream; many have a passion to do amazing things.

In his book, Chase the Lion, Mark Batterson challenges his readers to dream and to dream BIG. He gives story after story of those who dreamed bigger than themselves and saw, what was thought to be impossible, dreams and goals realized in spectacular ways.

Often people dream but fear dreaming big because of being let down or having the dream destroyed by nay-sayers. Better to live in reality some are told. Other hears statements of incompetency or personality. Lack of education or resources are also used to buttress by opponents of dreams. All these obstacles try to weigh down and end dreams as they are being dreamt.

Batterson uses this book to encourage those to continue in their dreams. Believe that God has placed a dream within you for Him and that He will provide. With God on your side, the enemies of status quo are rendered inert. It is for this reason that I recommend this book.

“…[A]nd we are the dreamer of dreams…” wrote O’Shaughnessy. Be a dreamer; chase your lion.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my review.


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