Love at First Fight by Carey & Dena Dyer

LoveFight.jpgIt is almost a universal truth that two people, will at some point, have a difference of views. Ideally, this difference will play out in the each trying to understand the other and come to a mutual understanding. However, real life does not always follow the ideal.

One of ways in which differences of opinions arise is in marriage. Two people come together in matrimony for the betterment of each other…right? Not so fast. Marriage often brings about these differences and in the process can create some heated tension.

In their book, Love at First Fight, the Dyers understand that these heated tensions can happen and give 52 meditations on how to seek to understand the other person. In addition, they seek to have these meditations bring a married couple together to grow and connect as partners.

I found this book to a great conversation starter. It wasn’t too instructional in nature which allowed for each couple to express their unique approach but with stated guidelines. These guidelines have, at their heart, the goal of drawing couples to understand before trying to be understood. And that this book does very well.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing in exchange for my honest review

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