I Wish He Had Come With Instructions by Mike Bechtle

Bechtle.jpgI recall a t-shirt that listed some problems women have and the first three letters of each of these problems were m-e-n. The shirt went on to state that men are the start of problems in women’s lives. While the t-shirt was meant to be satirical I can’t help but think if its creator was hinting at a frustration that is as old as time: men and women are different.

This difference is a good thing…if properly understood. In his book, I Wish He Had Come with Instructions, Mike Bechtle seeks to inform women on why their man acts the way he does. Using personal examples, humor, and timeless wisdom, Becthle arms women with understanding to the male brain. He does this so that women can connect better to their man and develop the relationship they desire to have.

I found this book to have great information and was able to put things into language that was difficult for me to relay to my wife. I recommend this to recently married wives so as to avoid some potential frustrations arising from misunderstandings and not from ill intent.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.



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