KJV Creedal Bible

KJVCreedalCreeds. Such documents detail what is believed by a group of people. It is meant to bring understanding and clarity. It allows all who read it to either agree to uphold it or seek another statement to follow.

Creeds have been around for a long time. In Christendom, they have been used to teach orthodoxical truths and bring to light heresies. Sadly, many do not know some of the great creeds of the past and the history behind each of these creeds. The KJV Creedal Bible seeks to rectify this issue.

This Bible has the text of some of the great creeds of Christian history as well as commentary giving background and insight into these great creeds.

I found the commentaries to be very enlightening and helpful. They help explain some of the great teachings of Christianity and how these teachings were placed into creeds throughout time. This information should be helpful to anyone who wants to know how the teachings of the Bible were interpreted through time and how relevant they are today.

*I received a complimentary copy of this Bible in exchange for my honest review.


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