ESV Men’s Devotional Bible

ESVMens.jpgReading Scripture on a daily basis is one of the most powerful ways to align your will with God’s. By feeding your spirit with the Word of God your soul begins to grow and mature. It is in this maturation that God begins to develop you more and more into the image of his son Jesus Christ.

However, reading your Bible on a consistent timeframe is not always easy. In addition some of the content of Scripture is difficult in relatability to the 21st century man. Enter the ESV Men’s Devotional Bible.

This Bible has 365 articles designed to challenge men in the area of: family, work, marriage, community, and spiritual development. These articles and closing related to the passages of Scripture that precede as one reads through the Bible. In addition, these articles are rich in depth and Biblical foundation. This Bible is not full of self-help articles but rather content that is designed to cause the men reading it to grow and think.

One note to mention is to not get this Bible confused with a daily reading Bible. Those Bibles have passages predetermined for the reader. The ESV Men’s Devotional Bible is more devotional-thought provoking as one reads the Scripture and less about reading the Bible in year.

All this said, consider getting a copy for the man in your life as birthday, Father’s Day, or Christmas present. It will change his life; it has changed mine.

*I received a complimentary copy of this Bible from Crossway in exchange for my honest review.


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