Ask the Question by Stephen Mansfield


QuestionHow important is religious Clarity from our presidential candidates? Is it even important at all?

Yes!  The religion of an individual affects who they are how they respond, how they will act, and how they will live their lives. Their worldview is shaped by their understanding of how things should be and this is guided by their religious convictions. By asking a presidential candidate about their religious position, and individual be better informed on how to vote.

For example, if a president holds the view that all men are created equal then hopefully he will enact laws that will prove this out and veto those that do not. However, if an individual does not believe this then it’s possible they might cause a separation of people or even a caste system.

In his book ask the question, Stephen Mansfield go through the various presidents that we have  had and shows how their religious understanding affected how they governed the nation. He pointed to people such as Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, as well as more presidents such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

By understanding of religious upbringing of a president, especially those in recent history, Mansfield shows how their religious understanding affect how they govern the nation. It had to. It will be the same for whatever president is elected next. That is the point of this point and Mansfield makes it quite well.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Baker Books in exchange for my honest review.


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