Guys Slimline Bible NLT, TuTone

I really enjoy reviewing Bibles. Seeing as how it is the most important book on the planet, I really want people to find a Bible that fits their needs. That said, let me give my thoughts on the Guys Slimline Bible by Tyndale.

What I Liked

The Bible is a nice size that is easy to transport but does not sacrifice typeface for a lighter weight. It also takes a minimal approach to aids. They are a few maps in the back and a decent dictionary. It also has a nice feel to it and it easy to leave open for writing notes while reading.

What I Did Not Like

Because I was written for guys I was really hoping for a page or two of topics relevant for guys. I feel this would have been a nice add for a Bible targeted to a specific demographic.

All said, this is a nice Bible for those that just want to read without being distracted by maps and notes.

*I received this Bible in exchange for my honest review from Tyndale


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