NKJV: Apply the Word Study Bible

The apply the Word Study Bible put out by Thomas Nelson is a new Bible with the understanding for readers to help develop an intimate understanding of God’s Word, the Bible message, and that the application of what they read to their daily lives. I found this Bible to be very well laid out and the notes the maps and the helps are in ideal locations that did not distract the reader for the main text. One other thing that is very nice is that this particular Bible has a guarantee for life so that if there’s any problem with the Bible whatsoever it can be returned.

As for some of the negatives of the Bible, it is a little heavy so it’s not very conducive for an individual who wants to do a devotional reading or take it with them on a trip. Also one thing that I’ve noticed is that while there are a lot of good helps they are geared more towards  application and I have seem to see very little in terms of actual study. I prefer more study notes that dig into the meaning of words and some history that is behind what is happening. Having said that, when they set out to develop an application based Bible this Bible does the job.

This is definitely a good Bible for somebody who is new to Christianity who would like to understand the Bible better and how it is applicable to them but doesn’t want some of the theological notes that a more robust study Bible would have in it. 

*I received a complimentary copy of this Bible from Thomas Nelson in exchange for this honest review.


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