More Than Just the Talk: Becoming Your Kids’ Go-To Person About Sex by Jonathan McKee

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.

The Talk. It has caused many parents to become dumb in their speech. What do I say? How do I say it? Are our kids even ready for this type of talk? In his book, More That Just the Talk, Jonathan McKee gives some practical, and wise advice on how to have “the talk.” 

What I liked about this book is that it is simple. Parents should be able to have conversations like this with their children but not get medical. However, that first requires openness on the part of the parents.

McKee suggests to not avoid the talk or shroud it but rather answer questions that your children might have. Also, he gives resources to give solid, Biblical answers because the world will also give “answers” that sound so close to the truth that the lie is hard to detect. 

 However, when answered Biblically, and in love, children are more likely to see the truth and avoid the lies. In that aspect, the book presents itself well and lives up to its intent


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