Jesus, Jihad, and Peace by Dr. Michael Youssef

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Worthy Publishing in exchange for honest review. 

Having watched Dr. Youssef before, I was very curious to read his book on Islam, the Middle East, and Bible prophecy.

First, Dr. Youssef goes into the history of terrorists groups, their beliefs, and then how these group plan on carrying out their plans. This brought a lot of light to present-day issues when you read the reasons behind attacks and killings.

From there, Dr. Youssef, goes into the history of Islam, staring with Mohammed,  and working his way into the various sects, and sub-sects of Islam. I really enjoyed this section as it shows that not all Muslims believe the same; similar to denominations in Christianity.

Finally, Dr. Youssef ties this altogether with the possibility of Islam playing a role in Biblical prophecy. For some time now I have thought that Islam would play a role and it is interesting to get Dr. Youssef’s take on the matter. 

This is a great starter for those unlearned in Islam and its history who want a firsthand account of living with Muslims but from someone who eventually came to Christ.


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