What are You Afraid Of? by Dr. David Jeremiah

“[T]he only thing we have to fear is fear itself…” This famous quote by President Franklin Roosevelt resonates with so many because fear can grip and latch and never let go.

Fear is paralyzing and through its immobilizing affect it consumes the mind, the body, and sometimes the spirit. Why is this so? Is there anything that can be done about it? (See Dr. Jeremiah talk about his book)

In his book, Dr. Jeremiah address ten fears from which many have suffered. They are:

1. Disaster
2. Disease
3. Debt
4. Defeat
5. Disconnection (Loneliness)
6. Disapproval
7. Danger
8. Depression
9. Death
10. Deity (Fear of God)

With each fear, Dr. Jeremiah uses the Bible to show that God is in control and to rest in the peace He offers. Dr. Jeremiah does not deny that fear is crippling but he offers the hope that God is able to carry, and empower, one through any fear that may arise.Dr. Jeremiah also gives examples from Scripture of those that have suffered from one fear or another and how God intervened to show His power through their weakness.

This is a great book for anyone as fear is not selective. Having a resource like this could give comfort to those presently caught in the mire of fear.


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