Impact Player by Bobby Richardson

Imagine playing next to ball players like Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle. These legends defined the game of baseball and have a lasting impact on its history. Bobby Richardson has such an opportunity.

He played with some of the most famous Yankees to ever don the pinstripes. Yet through it all he maintained his faith in God and Jesus Christ.

Richardson recalls his rising up through the farm system of the Yankees to eventually being the starting second baseman for perhaps the greatest era in Major League Baseball history.From there it is story after story of his Yankees days, the friends he made, the games he remembers, and the legacy that is left behind.

Yet he desires that his legacy be that of a Christian who played baseball and had a lasting impact in the faith of his teammates.

While many would expect a book of accomplishments, Richardson instead writes a book about family, friends, and faith; stats do not matter in such a book. Through it all, Richardson inspires his readers to place more value on things that matter and less on this that are temporal. In a time when athletes are role models that sometimes seek to serve their own purpose, Richardson is proof that such an attitude need not be the norm. And for that, I love this book.


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