Appointments with Heaven by Dr. Reggie Anderson

Dr. Reggie Anderson feels something when a Christian passes on and enters heaven. As an doctor, he has seen many enter eternity and felt that same feeling each time a Christian meets Jesus.

In his book, Appointments with Heaven, Dr. Anderson gives the story of his life all the way to his practice as an ER doctor and physician.

He begins with his childhood and an event that would change his life, his beliefs, and ultimately his faith. While upset at this event, blaming God the entire time, Dr. Anderson came to see God for who He is, not how Dr. Anderson perceived Him.

From there, the book goes into his medical practice, how God used him in various means, and the little glimpses of heaven as the faithful Christians left this life for the life to come.

A fascinating book about struggle, doubt, hurts, and ultimately; healing.


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