Every Man’s Bible, NLT

I picked this Bible up a few months ago and really like the study helps and thoughts for men. It really takes Scriptural teachings and how a man is to respond to it. It is also a great Bible for personal devotions as the topics in the helps really challenge a man to be what God would like Him to be.

Masculinity is in desperate need of reclaiming its foundational sense of being. Many men are lost today and have no clue as to where to find themselves. Society and culture dictate that which can be contrary to God and His Word. This Bible does an excellent job of bridging the gap between what a Biblical man should be and how God wants him to get there.

I would recommend that this Bible be given to young men entering into their college years and also as a gift to those in men’s ministry. However, I would hold off for a bit until the updated one arrives later in the year. I’ve been in touch with Tyndale and the current Bible is the 1996 edition of the NLT. They have since updated this translation but the Every Man’s Bible has yet to incorporate the newer edition. I was told that was happening this year. Wait for the new edition. It will be well worth it.

*Update – I found out that the updated Bible has a release date sometime in April of 2014. 


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