The Compass Bible, The Voice

*I received this complimentary Bible in exchange for my honest review from Thomas Nelson*

The Compass Bible is an interesting translation in that it seeks to make reading the Bible easier. Unlike most Bibles that read like a story, this Bible reads more like a movie script. For example, if I was in a theater production and was learning my lines my script may look like this:

Me: blah blah blah
Driver: yea yea yea
Me: uh huh
Driver: yep yep yep

This Bible reads like that. It makes it much easier to read as the reader knows who is speaking. By the same token, the notes read more like a director’s instruction to set the stage. They are not an interference at all but do well to enhance what is happening.

The translation itself is quite modern but not so modern as to be disrespectful. I found the translation to be very descriptive and vivid which I feel can be lost in some other translations.

Another benefit is that, while the Bible is not light, the typeface ideally set. It is not too small but not so large either. Also, the notes are set apart so it is easy to continue reading the text once the note(s) has/have been read.

As to a study Bible, it does okay. The notes give insight but for those that desire a very deep study, I would not use this Bible as a primary study Bible. It has its moments but does lack some features like cross references and concordance. All in all, a very nice Bible for those that like to read the Bible as a story.


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