I, Saul by Jerry Jenkins

I started reading this book and before I knew it I was a third of the way finished. Wow! The descriptive writing by Jenkins is spot on and his creativity is very evident. While no ones knows for sure all of what happened to Saul (Paul) while he was on earth, Jenkins does a great job of portraying a very believable character.

The combination of current and historical story lines keeps the book moving at a great pace but not so fast that the reader has to turn back pages to remember what is happening. Added to this is the suspenseful beginning which really sets the stage for a great story.

The reader is taken on a journey with Dr. Augustine Knox as he travels to Rome in search for a friend that has been caught in a web of theft, murder, history, and antiquities. This is paralleled with accounts of Dr. Luke and Saul (Paul) roughly two thousand years earlier.

Yet both tales are brought together by the discovery of a magnificent treasure. What kind of find would do that? Read the book and find out.

*This review is my own. I received a complimentary copy from Worthy Publishing in exchange for this review. I was not swayed in any way to give a positive or negative review.


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