ESV Prayer Bible

9781433564512Prayer is a topic that has volumes upon volumes written on it. From how to pray, to prayerbooks, and even certain prayers in the Bible, prayer is a subject that has perplexed and challenged many over the centuries.

The ESV Prayer Bible was developed with end goal of the reader having a better understanding of prayer by reading prayers from various people. Some prayers are brief and others more lengthy. Some from known readers and some from not so well known. Either way, with more than 400 prayers,  this Bible has prayers that will encourage and potentially mature those who are looking for a stronger prayer life by reading the prayers of those who have gone before.

It is has a 9.25 font for the main text with a 7.25 font for the prayers. It weights just over two pounds and is slightly over five inches in width and eight inches in height. It is in single column format which not something I typically use but it works well with the prayers versus a double column format. Presently, it comes in hardback (which is what i have) and Trutone.

*I received a review copy in exchange for my honest assessment.


NET Bible 2nd Edition

The NET Bible is a unique Bible in that it approaches Bible translation from that of the translator. The notes have more to do with why a particular passage is translated as it is. There are notes that are study notes but these serve to aid the translator notes which I appreciate greatly.

This Bible is also different in that it is completely free to disperse across the internet (within the proper guidelines). This gives teachers and pastors the ability to print out the passages of Scripture they will be discussing without need to contact the publisher for permission.

As to the Bible design, it is a double column format in 9.5 font that is easy to read. It is Smyth sewn and comes in either bonder or genuine leather. It is a bigger Bible with over 58,000 notes which is great for study but not ideal for carry. There are smaller editions for carry but these do not have the extensive notes as the full size edition.

I would encourage all Bible readers to look into the NET Bible as I believe it will enhance study and understanding of how Bibles are translated and also the richness of some text to shine.

*I received a review copy for my honest assessment.

Reformed Preaching by Joel R. Beeke


There is a lot of preaching today that is focused on bolstering the hearer. The illustrations and anecdotes are used to assume and enlighten those who need encouragement. Encouraging messages are needed at times. However, when they are all that a preacher uses then he does a colossal disservice to his listeners. 

Joel R. Beeke has written a wonderful book on why it is vital that preachers teach both that which brightens the mind and calls the soul to act. True preaching shows the listener where they have gone awry against the truths of Scripture and then shows how Christ gives power to live for Him and not for self.

While I would not classify myself as one who subscribes to reformed theology I can wholeheartedly agree that to preach only that which brings clarity of mind but not the glory of Christ is error. Both must be taught and Beeke expounds on this in his book giving Scriptural reasons on why this must be.

*I received a review copy in exchange for my honest assessment.

NIV, Starting Place Study Bible, Hardcover, Comfort Print

225_350_book.2830.cover_The Starting Place Study Bible is an excellent resource for those were getting into an introductory study the word of God. The notes, aids, and instructional articles are very helpful for those who were new to scripture or perhaps have been taught something and I wanted to make sure it is accurate. I found the particular aids throughout the scripture very relevant and also placed at idea locations to help understand a text and also to make sure the proper teaching was followed.

One item about this particular thing is it is a little heavy so it is not ideal for carrying around often. I also feel that the Bible is a bit blocky for my liking as I prefer taller and thinner versus thicker and shorter. That said just to be in a great resource for somebody who want to buy will be the very first time or perhaps wants their first Study Bible.

*I received a review copy in exchange for my honest review.

NIV, Maxwell Leadership Bible, 3rd Edition, Premium Bonded Leather, Burgundy, Comfort Print

240_360_book.2805.cover_If you have read my post for some time you will know that I highly regard the leadership trainings of John Maxwell. His material had impacted my life and I even had the privilege to meet him in person.

This latest Bible, which is really a revised edition of a previous Bible, has his leadership thoughts and teachings along side Biblical passages that use examples in Scripture of both good and bad leaders. By using examples from the Bible, Maxwell shows how Scripture has the best leadership advice and those wanting to be the best leadership should look to God’s Word.

The Bible itself is in the comfort print with is a print designed to be read easily. It comes in several bindings and the paper is decent. It is a bit heavy compared to some smaller editions of this Bible so it is not ideal for a lot of carry. It would do well for a devotional Bible if someone is wanting to studying leadership from a Biblical standpoint but I do not recommend it for more theologically-focused study.

*I received a review copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest assessment.

NKJV, Wiersbe Study Bible, Leathersoft, Black, Red Letter Edition, Comfort Print By Warren Wiersbe

225_350_book.2764.cover_Warren Wiersbe and his “Be” series is a very popular series on Christian growth and development. It has aided many in their Christian walk and some of his book are used as readings in some of the Bible classes I have taken. Now, with the introduction of the Wiersbe Study Bible, Wiersbe’s thoughts and notes are in a Bible to aid those reading the Bible.

The articles are not lengthy and do not interfere with the reading of the Bible. The study notes are succinct and those who have read the “Be” series will appreciate having notes close to the text.

The Bible itself is well bound and I really liked the silver gilt on the paper. The Bible is a bit on the heavy side so it is most likely not ideal for a lot of carry. The font is the comfort font meaning it is easy to read but please note this does not mean large print font.

All in all this is a nice study Bible and I believe will help those in their Christian walk.

*I received a review copy and was not obligated to give a positive or negative review.

Real Change by Andrew Nicholls and Helen Thorne; Edited by David Powlison

real-change-thumbnail__61359.1544123494Changing one’s behaviors and attitudes is not easy. Add to this commands in the Bible to not be angry, think of godly things, love your neighbor, etc. could make a person feel bogged down and dejected.

Realizing that change takes effort Real Change was printed to help foster conversations to grow individuals and change them for God. While this book reads more like a discussion guide it is nonetheless a great resource in small groups to discuss how to change Biblically.

It is not long but the content is rich and should provide plenty of discussion material throughout its usage.

*I received a review copy and my opinions are my own.