This Season of Angels by Perry Stone

Season-of-AngelsPerry Stone is a speaker and author that I have enjoyed listening to and reading. His perspectives challenge my own and have caused some detailed dialogues with myself and also with friends. Some of the material he presents are tough for me to embrace and this book is such a one.

Angels are something that has intrigued mankind for years. We have movies about them, TV shows, books, and proposed sightings caught on video. While angels are mentioned in Scripture, not much is states about them.

Perry Stone teaches in his book, This Season of Angels, that during high prophetic times angelic activity increases. Using the book of Daniel, Stone attempts to demonstrate that as certain prophetic events happen angelic activity also happens to such a level that humans recognize it.

While this is interesting to read, it is hard to backup with Scripture. First, while it may appear we are in what some call the End Times, it is difficult to definitively prove. While I agree we are seeing things we have not seen in history for some time, it is unwise to state that this is what the Bible described.

Also, the Bible is minimal in its teachings on angels. This is not bad but it also must give caution to those who desire to write about them and teach on them. Is Stone right in his teachings? I am uncertain. Is he wrong? Again, uncertain. Thus, while this book is an intriguing read it would behoove the reader to do so with their Bible close to determine if Stone is accurate or reading into something that is not there.

*I received a review copy of this book and am not under obligation to write a positive review.



The Bullying Breakthrough by Jonathan McKee

9781683226888__21707.1541444590Bullying has become a new, hot topic for the American society. Too many have suffered at the hands of someone else all in the name of fun or, sadly, intent to injure. In his book, The Bullying Breakthrough, Jonathan McKee uses his own life as the foundation on how to address bullying and how to nurture those who have been bullied.

Starting with his own life and his being bullied, McKee develops his book on how to comfort those who have been bullied, signs to identify those who are being bullied, and how to combat the uprise in cyberbullying.

It is the information on cyberbullying that is quite helpful as cyberbullying attacks the emotional and psyche of a person. In addition, our smartphones allow connectivity almost without end and this allows for cyberbullying to take place anytime of day, at any location, and potentially anyone. McKee does well to arm those who are taking a stand against cyberbullying without completely detaching from the electronic devices altogether.

While it is sad that such things happen, this book will be an excellent guide for those for whom cyberbullying has attacked.

*I received a review copy of this book and am under no obligation to give a positive review.

Mastering Adulthood by Dr. Lara Fielding

This bookMastering-Adulthood-Cover is a training guide of sorts targeting the millennials on how to interact with life and the responsibilities of adulthood. I must admit that it saddens me that such a book need to be written as I would hope that there would already have been training on how to handle life and the adventures life brings.

It is a testament to our society that guidance and mentorship are lacking so that a generation has no resources on how to handle difficult situations outside of whining and complaining. Thus, while this book is a nice resource and is written with a younger generation in mind it is also a scathing rebuke to the previous generation of failure to bestow wisdom on how to live life.

*I received a review copy in exchange for my honest review.

Keep up Your Greek in Two Minutes a Day Volume 1 & 2, edited by Jonathan Kline

9781683070566oBiblical Greek is a language that has proven difficult for many. Yet, it is a wonderful skill to have in the study of Scripture and it can unlock depth of understanding for that stick with it. However, like any other skill, if it is not practiced often much can be lost. Enter Keep Up Your Biblical Greek Volume 1 & 2.

These books are designed to allow those who have studied Greek to maintain what they have learned in a few minutes a day. Each day has a passage of Scripture in English and Greek with certain Greek words highlighted and explained. BibGreek Samp

Wanting to learn Greek I have heard that those who do not use it consistently loose much of what they have learned. Thus I can see how resources like these will aid those in Greek studies greatly. What is also appreciated is that this is not solely a vocabulary builder. Rather it is using context to build vocabulary and at the same time increase retention of words previously learned.

The size of the volumes also makes transporting them much easier. There are not textbook in size but are compact enough to achieve their stated purpose. That is a nice benefit as a large volume may give cause to leave there where they may be forgotten.

There is also a book mark to keep your place as well as dates at the top to keep track of progression. While it is not necessary to use the reading suggestion it is nice to use as a potential devotional alongside an English devotional.

As to the books themselves, the bindings are strong and should long after much use. The paper is a good opaque color which could provide some room for notes for those who write to learn. I was surprised by both of these as I could tell that there were printed with use and readability in mind.

It is also important to note that both volumes are similar and one is not verbs and the other nouns, for example. Each volume could be used independent of the other but having both volumes will increase more passages to study and words to learn. There is also a Scripture reference guide in the back for those wanting to look at a certain passage for study.

All this in mind, these volumes will be a great resource for those wanting to keep the Greek they have learned and add to their knowledge of Biblical Greek.

*I received a review of these resources for my honest review.

NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible

225_350_book-2655-coverThe NIV Biblical Theology Bible (formerly called the NIV Zondervan Study Bible) is a richly packed Bible of notes, maps, articles, and aids that allow the reader to grasp the Bible at a verse level but also at an overarching level. This allows the reader to develop theology that is based on the Bible as a whole rather than on a particular verse.

The study notes as footnotes are well developed and are not distracting from the main body of the text. The notes are also produced so as to not teach a particular theological system. The contributors are from various universities and seminaries which allows for a variety of thought. This then affords the reader a breadth of knowledge upon which to lean to ideally develop their theological framework.

The articles are excellently written but not at such a depth that a non-seminary person will be lost in jargon and terms. I appreciate this as some Bibles seek to demonstrate their knowledge of a topic rather than teach their knowledge so that it can be understood and assimilated.

While I am not a NIV user I do appreciate the scope of this work and believe that those who use the NIV will benefit greatly from the aids given.

*I received a review copy and am not required to post a positive or negative review.

The Life Giving Leader by Tyler Reagin

life givingThis book is a nice read for leaders on how to lead from a place of being yourself. Trying to emulate another leader will not work because no two people are alike. Reagin does well to demonstrate this to his readers and encourage them to lead from who they are rather than who they wish to be.

While this material is not new I was hoping that Reagin’s presentation would draw me in and encourage me in my leadership growth. Sadly, this seems to be another leadership book that will be one of many on the shelf.

*I received a review copy of this book and was not under any obligation to post a positive or negative review.

When God Says Go by Elizabeth Laing Thompson

This particular book9781683225553__58145-1534005505 is really interesting in that it uses scripture hotels told in a more fictional narrative where the author is intend on showing how responding to God’s call doesn’t necessarily mean things will be easy. Sometimes responding to God’s call is doing sound in a makes absolutely no sense in the moment. Other times responding to God’s call is stepping out in faith and acting for his glory.

This book was really a good read for me at the present moment because I’m in a situation where God has said to me go and I am on sure exactly how things are going to work out. So as I was reading this book a lot of it hit home and I’m sure there are a lot of people who are going through similar situations where God has asked to do something that makes no sense. This book will be a great comfort to those individuals and also for those who are having decisions coming up and aren’t entirely sure what to do and just to save encouragement to put their faith in God and act according to his word and will.